Re: Fw: AfterStep question

Mon, 27 May 2002 10:17:08 +0200

Hello Aaron,

First, sorry for the late answer Aaron.
I hoped that others could answer you before I could find some time to.
Here we go anyway.

On 2002-05-16 09:12 (Thursday), Aaron Solomon Adelman wrote:
> M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> >Once AfterStep is started, have you tried to set again your keyboard
> >layout on the command line ?
> >
> Not sure how to do that.

I was just suggesting to run xmodmap again after X is started. And
that's what you've done, obviously.

> >$ xmodmap -verbose ~/.YourXmodmap file
> >
> I tried that (or more correctly, xmodmap -verbose ~/.Xmodmap > snark) 
> and this is what got piped to the file "snark":
> ...

What I did is very simple : I just compared your keyboard layout output
with some xmodmap setting for dvorak layout. Obviously the two
configurations don't match.

The one configuration I use was found on the Internet :

So what I suggest you is to get and test/load different xmodmap
configurations once AfterStep is started. 
You can find some links through Google :

This might solve your problem. But why your keyboard layout is reverted 
to QWERTY when you start AfterStep, I have no clue. This could come from
some XDarwin specificities I guess.

By the way which version of XDarwin do you use ?

Keep us informed.


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