Re: Multiple wmnets in Wharf

Christian B. Wiik (
Tue, 28 May 2002 12:48:29 +0200

[Paul Johnson <>]
> How does one get more than one of the same program, namely wmnet, to
> to get swallowed by wharf?
> What do I need to add to this to do it?
> *Wharf wmnet - Swallow "wmnet" wmnet -d 2500000 --logscale -x10000000 --device=eth0 --label=eth0 &

My (ugly) solution was to edit the source of wmnet and compile one
binary with another WM_name. My wharf file looks like this:

*Wharf Wmnet0 - Swallow "wmnet" wmnet -L eth0 -W eth0 -x 30000000 -l &
*Wharf Wmnet1 - Swallow "wmnet_eth1" wmnet_eth1 -L eth1 -W eth1 -x 30000000 -l &

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