Re: Multiple wmnets in Wharf

Oystein Viggen (
Tue, 28 May 2002 14:45:19 +0200

* [Paul Johnson] 

> There's gotta be a cleaner it possible to make a symlink?

A symlink wouldn't make any difference unless wmnet uses the filename as
WM_name, which is unlikely. (WM_name seems to be basically the same as
window title, but don't trust me on that one).  I had to do the same to
be able to run two instances of asload a while back.

You could probably patch wmnet to use basename(argv[0]) or something
like that as WM_name, which would make the symlink approach viable, but
this would be a lot harder to get right than Christian's hack.

(I think it used to be possible to swallow two apps with the same name
in the wharf back in AS 1.7.  I don't remember why it was removed.)

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