Re: Configuring wharf to have a click on an applet open a wharf's folder

Albert Tigr Dorofeev (
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:33:13 +0200

Here is an example from my Wharf:

*Wharf astime nil Swallow "astime" astime -geometry -1-1 -ht 5 -ts &
*Wharf astime nil Folders
*Wharf xlock KeysOnChain.xpm Exec "-" xlock -mode pyro -allowroot 
-usefirst &
   # Recycle your AfterStep session (Restart)
*Wharf Recycler Recycler.xpm  Restart " " afterstep
   # This will shut down AfterStep
*Wharf shutdown  shutdown.xpm  Module "QuitForm" Form QuitForm
*Wharf ~Folders

This runs astime and gives a folder when you click on it.


Vincent Rubiolo wrote:

> Hello to you all,
> After having spent a little time on wmaker, I now have moved to
> afterstep (really great especially the very configurable wharf)
> My question is the following:
> I got the asmon applet and I saw that it was possible to launch a
> command by clicking on it (asmon -e, if I remember well)
> I was wondering if it would be possible to have a wharf folder open when
> I click on it..
> My goal would be to have the asmon applet in my wharf and when I would
> click on the applet it would bring up a folder containing the asload and
> asmem applets (sort of detailed view of system resources)
> I've been able to enclose the two latter applets in a folder but I can
> only put an icon on the button, not an applet
> Is it possible to do such a thing?
> Thanks for your help,
> Vincent

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