Re: KVM irritation

Bartosz Wucke (
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 21:46:26 +0200

Geoff wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed a Belkin e-series kvm. I am using it to switch
> between my linux box and a little used Win98 machine.  The only
> problem I have encountered is that when switching back to linux
> the mouse is (a) invisible or (b) locked solid or (c) erratic. 
> All of this is cured by a quick ctrl-alt-f2 to console then
> immediately ctrl-alt-f7 back to AfterStep.  This is really no
> very big deal, because the Windows box is so seldom used.  Even
> so, it is somewhat irritating and, as far as I am aware, these
> Belkin KVMs have a reasonably good reputation for linux
> compatibility.
> Any suggestions?

Looks like your mouse is being switched to other protocol, and upon switching 
either to console or to X, it's reset back (by X or GPM). I have no idea how to 
do this "transparently" (except of setting X permanently to the protocol the 
mouse is reset to, by editing XF86Config) but you could try if any trick from 
the 3-button-mouse HOWTO that resets the mouse (like echo "*n" >/dev/mouse )
works - then you can bind the reset command to any rarely used key in afterstep 
feel file.

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