Re: Changing windows in a workspace.

Oystein Viggen (
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:47:15 +0200

* ["Prapanna Tiwari"] 

> I am novice user of Afterstep. I have been trying to find a way 
> to configure a key map to change windows in a workspace.

Not exactly what you want, but I'm using ctrl-shift-arrow to move the
mouse pointer 40% or so of the screen size in the arrow direction.
Combined with "focus follows mouse" and the fact that I never make
overlapping windows, except very temporarily, this allows me to change
between windows quite easily.

The 40% is because I generally have room for 2x2 xterms on the same
virtual desktop.  If you have a larger screen with more room, you might
want to set it lower, so that you only move the mouse 1 xterm at a time.

Combining this with shift-arrow moving the mouse cursor 1%, I
practically never have to touch the actual mouse, except for web
browsing and the random bit of quake and such.


When in doubt: Recompile.
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