Don Lavelle (lavelle2@optonline.net)
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 02:19:02 -0400


I'm new to AfterStep, but it seemed like a cool WM, so I sprung for it.  
I'm also pretty new to X Windows and UNIX.  Please forgive and correct 
any misused terminology. =)

Anyway, I'm running AfterStep 1.8.11R2 on XDarwin 1.1 on XFree86 4.2.0 
on MacOS X 10.1.3.  I'm setting up my AS desktop so it's the way I like 
it, but I can't seem to get icons saved from GraphicConverter (running 
under MacOS X) to show up in the Applications folder in the Wharf.

# Begin Snippet
*Wharf SNNS console.xpm Exec "-" xgui
# End Snippet

I'm trying to run a command called xgui, but have it labeled "SNNS," 
which works.  The icon, console.xpm doesn't show up, however.

(I guess the people who wrote SNNS thought they were in the only people 
in the world who'd adapt command line tools to the X-Windows GUI, or 
they forgot how to make a good file name.)

I can execute any commands I want and add buttons and what-not, and I 
can use the icons that AfterStep came with.  I tried saving the icons as 
XPM's, GIF's, and JPG's, but they don't show up.  I saved copies to 
16bpp, 8bpp, and common.  The depths matched the names of the folders.

Extracting the icons from the MacOS X application bundles I was stealing 
them was fun ;) but this is a headache... how should I go about getting 
my icons into the Wharf?

   Don Lavelle

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