Re: naive question for beginner

Oystein Viggen (
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 22:02:37 +0200

* [richard noel fell] 

>     I generally use kde 3. The switchdesk utility is of no help. Can
> anyone direct me to the appropriate source(s) or instruct me on how to
> get afterstep as my default window manager?

If you are using XDM or another display manager, such as KDM, you can
most likely override its preferred window manager with a script called
"~/.Xsession".  The file needs to be executable (chmod +x), and can
contain something like the two lines:

exec afterstep

This file is also a neat place to put various hacks that you might want
to run between logging in and strting the window manager.

If you don't use any display manager (if you type startx to start X),
you have to call the file ~/.xinitrc instead.

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