Re: + AfterStep : wharf problem

Sasha Vasko (
Sun, 28 Jul 2002 00:32:05 -0500

On Saturday 13 April 2002 12:06, M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> On 2002-04-13 12:51 (Saturday), Andrew Ferguson wrote:
> > On Sat, 13 Apr 2002 11:13:18 M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> > >So, should/could AS have code to cope with this XSetWMHints call ?
> > >Anyway, even if AS doesn't honor those requests, it shouldn't blank the
> > >applet.
> >
> > I have no idea if this had been taken care of in the development tree,
> > I've been out of the loop since September
> Well too bad.
> I hope you still believe in AS though, as we faithful users do :-)
> > the best bet is to email the maintainer of the applet and explain
> > to them how they can make their applet work for both WM and AfterStep.
> I was waiting for a kind of "official" answer from the AS maintainers
> before bothering's maintainer.
> My first concern was to be able to run for myself ;-)
> > Sasha Vasko ( is the person to ask about making the
> > change in AfterStep.
> Sasha reads this mailing list, doesn't he ? So if he doesn't answer this
> question, I guess it means "too busy to do it right now".

Yeah, I read it - about once a week :)
But the official answer is that this will NEVER BE SUPPORTED. In fact such a 
behaviour is blatant violation of all the accepted window management 
protocols, and it is very much like Window Maker to implement something as 
stupid as this.

Newly released Extended Window management specs provide sufficient support 
for docking ( even thou there really is no need in that). That protocol will 
be implemented eventually (anyone to volunteer for help?).

> So I'll just wait for some days, and then I'll submit some doc and a patch
> for AfterStep to the's maintainer.

Please go ahead and do that.

> Cheers,


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