Proposed Wharf feature

Frank Gore (
28 Jul 2002 22:17:31 -0400

Can I make a feature request here? :)

This is something I'd like to see added to the Wharf in a future release
(1.9 if we ever see that one come to be).

I'd like to be able to make the Wharf semi-translucent at all times,
until I move the mouse over it to use it. Then it would fade into focus
so I can see it properly and run any commands I need to. This would free
up the screen real-estate used by the Wharf so it could still be used by
other applications, and yet it would still remain at least readable to
view any docked apps (ie. asclock).

Of course, this would require real-time transparency for the apps to
still be visible behind the semi-translucent Wharf, so I have no idea
how feasible it is. Just mentioning it as something I'd like to see :)

Frank Gore

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