Re: naive question for beginner

Oystein Viggen (
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 00:17:58 +0200

* [richard noel fell] 

> I use startx so I have to call .xinitrc. I must ask how this is done and what
> do I put in that file which I must create since there is none at this time.
> (There is, however, one in/etc/X11/xinit.)

If you don't have a .xinitrc in your home directory, create one, make it
executable, and put the same two lines in there that you would use for
.Xsession.  That is:

exec afterstep

Don't touch anything in /etc/X11/xinit/ just to change your window
manager.  That would be uncool  :)

>   By the way, I did create an executable .Xsessions file as you suggested and
> used both kdm and xdm to startx. Howerver, nothing was different. The same
> interface as before.

If you called the file .Xsessions, it shouldn't work because that's the
wrong name.  It needs to be be .Xsession (note the lack of an s at the

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