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richard noel fell (
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 21:08:37 -0400

Thanks to all. Creating .xinitrc with startx now brings up as. I can make believe
that I am in front of my old next turbo. By the way, correcting my mistake with
.Xsession (calling it .Xsessions instead) did not bring up as with kdm. But now
problem. Now to add some applets and have some real fun.
Dick Fell

Oystein Viggen wrote:

> * [richard noel fell]
> > I use startx so I have to call .xinitrc. I must ask how this is done and what
> > do I put in that file which I must create since there is none at this time.
> > (There is, however, one in/etc/X11/xinit.)
> If you don't have a .xinitrc in your home directory, create one, make it
> executable, and put the same two lines in there that you would use for
> .Xsession.  That is:
> #!/bin/bash
> exec afterstep
> Don't touch anything in /etc/X11/xinit/ just to change your window
> manager.  That would be uncool  :)
> >   By the way, I did create an executable .Xsessions file as you suggested and
> > used both kdm and xdm to startx. Howerver, nothing was different. The same
> > interface as before.
> If you called the file .Xsessions, it shouldn't work because that's the
> wrong name.  It needs to be be .Xsession (note the lack of an s at the
> end).
> Oystein
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