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Chris Lee (
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 00:21:42 -0500

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 20:24, Bartosz Wucke wrote:
> > Now, while I am at it, does anyone want anything changed
> > in asmail? If you have any ideas, send me a line.
> Cool :) My wishlist: (posting to the group, so everyone could discuss it, in 
> order of priority as I feel it.)
> 1(!) Allow secure connection to remote collections. This is a standard nowadays 
> and I don't feel too secure knowing my password in plaintext is being sent 
> every 4 mins or so over the net...
> 2. Allow separate "Update" for different MailFiles (or at least change defaults 
> so local mailfiles remain checked every 5 secs, and remote - every 4-5 mins at 
> least.
> 3. Fix message count display - The number of messages, for me, is being 
> displayed only on non-transparent area of the icon. Somehow I can't get "Black" 
> to work as font color.
> 4. Add message count display mode, where a separate number for each mail 
> collection is displayed.

Having separate mail counts would be cool, but what if you have like 15
different accounts that it checks? Or more...  Real estate goes fast
then.  (just feedback)

> 5. Maybe add different color for displaying "New" messages (if any) for a 
> collection and if none are found, display old messages count in old fashion.
> 6. Allow other file formats than xpm as icons...
> 7. Add "reconfigure" option - asmail just sends a signal to a running instance, 
> to tell it to reload config and check mail now, daemon style. (like, you could 
> add it to "Execute" entry of .asmailrc and keep clicking on asmail impatiently 
> to check if the desired mail has finally arrived :)
> 8. Separate "Execute" when there's new mail and when no new mail is present. 
> I.E. launch "read mail" when new is available or "compose" when there's none.
> 9. Give us some diagnostics when running (maybe just separate icon entries?) 
> for "error", "server error", "checking" - so we would know there's actually no 
> new mail, not that our network could be down.


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