Re: asmail

Bartosz Wucke (
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 07:54:29 +0200

>>4. Add message count display mode, where a separate number for each mail 
>>collection is displayed.
> Having separate mail counts would be cool, but what if you have like 15
> different accounts that it checks? Or more...  Real estate goes fast
> then.  (just feedback)

Use smaller font? :) In fact, if you have so many accounts, you usually forward 
most of traffic to a few of them which you keep checking, plain checking 15 
accounts would be enough pain. 5-6 accounts would be excess already - but if 
you feel like this - maybe a further feature (that would go to the bottom of 
the priority list) - Scrolling list of accounts with their contents, or maybe 
ICQ-style list (new mail on top). Eventually (is it possible?) a tooltip that 
would display details on the mailboxes if you hold your pointer over the icon 
long enough. But that are extreme cases, not something to really worry about. 
For now limiting this to one line length (variable number depending on the 
font) would be quite enough. (in fact don't change the number of accounts 
possible to display (fontsize/icon width calculations), just let it get clipped 
by app edge.)

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