Re: Titlebar Icons

Bartosz Wucke (
Sun, 08 Sep 2002 22:00:11 +0200

James wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 08:01:58AM -0500, David Mihm wrote:
> | On Sep 10 Brian Bates spoke:
> | 
> | > I notice that none of the themes I have seen, contain an individual
> | > application icon in the window title bar, sort of Kde style.
> | >
> | > Is this because no one likes it, or is it just not possible?
> | 
> | Because noone likes it.
> You know, for however many years I've used AS (must be almost five
> years now) I'd never noticed that! I mean, yeah I know there's no icons
> on the titlebar, but I never went "hey, there's no icon there!".

I'm not quite sure but I think there were some themes that used them. Something 
that looked like MacOS, or such. Probably not in the default, just 
downloadable. But I didn't like the theme, so I don't use it.

> Funny how something can not stare you in the face for so long and you
> don't notice! :-)
> Next you'll be telling me there's no concept of drive-letters in Linux
> ;-)

alias A: 'cd /mnt/floppy'
alias B: 'cd /mnt/cdrom'
alias C: 'cd /'

Tired of my habits, on ms-dos I wrote ls.bat consisting of one line: "dir"


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