Re: Titlebar Icons

Brian Bates (
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 10:08:28 +1200

On Mon, 09 Sep 2002 04:41, you wrote:
> | > application icon in the window title bar, sort of Kde style.
> | >
> | > Is this because no one likes it, or is it just not possible?
> |
> | Because noone likes it.
I take it then that it is immpossible, otherwise u might have said something 
like "Because noone likes it, but here's how u do it if u feel u must...."

> You know, for however many years I've used AS (must be almost five
> years now) I'd never noticed that! I mean, yeah I know there's no icons
> on the titlebar, but I never went "hey, there's no icon there!".
One of the main reasons I liked it was I have been running an automated part 
of a factory of a pc running Linux. As the programs I have written for the 
plant run in multiple consoles, and I am not the only one using the computer, 
I thought it might have been handy to be able to identify cascaded windows by 
a custom icon in the corner.

> Funny how something can not stare you in the face for so long and you
> don't notice! :-)
> Next you'll be telling me there's no concept of drive-letters in Linux
> ;-)
Hehe, I do like custom icons in my menu's and tree widgets tho :-)


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