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Albert 'Tigr' Dorofeev (
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 21:26:11 +0200 (CEST)

Hello, folks!

I looked at the current asmail and I do not think I can
easily incorporate all the required features as is. The
best way to do it is, in my opinion, to rewrite the whole
thing from scratch using threads. Then we would have this:

    read config
     clone as many threads as there are mailboxes
        |            |           |
        |            V           V
       GUI         mbox         mbox
                  handling     handling

The main will stay as the GUI to display the results
on the screen. Each thread will handle one mailbox
with the settings related to that particular mailbox.
Each mbox thread will report the data to the main
thread that will handle the GUI and user actions.

This allows to have different settings per mailbox
easily, get rid of delays on screen (which are due
to I/O and counting of messages) and allow for easy

BTW, changing the way settings behave will make the
config file format incompatible. Just so that you know.

Right. Now, does anyone have a better idea? If not,
I go to a secluded place and do some programming :)


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