Re: asmail

Bartosz Wucke (
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 21:07:35 +0200

> Ok, I simply stacked them up on the screen. Check it out:
> Is that good enough?

Problems I see already: RightClick conflicts with Wharf (which minimises it) - 
I'm not sure if it will work well.

Yet one idea on how to (at least partially) prevent the race conditions - 
should be easy. WaitOnExec -  Additional parameter that on launching a mailer 
from asmail when new mail arrives, blocks checking the mailboxes by asmail for 
given amount of time (like 2 mins), that should be enough to connect to the 
boxes and start downloading mail - even if downloading it takes longer than 
that, it's the mailer that wins the race and asmail waits - that's what we want.

> How do you fix the text so that it is merged with the transparent
> image?

? Either I didn't understand the question or have no idea, sorry.

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