Re: asmail several unwanted/unexpected features ;)

Albert 'Tigr' Dorofeev (
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 23:24:46 +0200 (CEST)


First off, I accidentally deleted a message with another
bug report. Fortunately, I remembered what it was :)
Anyway, thanks a lot for the note and I am sorry I cannot
reply to you directly.

Now, all this stuff is true. I put the asmail-1.1 onto already which fixes these:
        - stupid mistake caused -insecure be ignored
	- implemented -geometry switch (I forgot to last time)
	- the color may be multiple words in quotes

For the cautious: I cannot sign it at this moment,
I will do that tomorrow, maybe. Here is the hash so
you can check it:
albert@sparrow[518]% md5sum asmail-1.1.tar.gz
a7972ae470c652acddeac914fe46828f  asmail-1.1.tar.gz

> 2) occasionaly i get on startup while trying new settings
> Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0xb2)!
> 	most often after killing one asmail and immediatly restarting it
> 	(like ^C and executing previous command in shell(asmail -...))

Yes, I noticed it too. Unfortunately, I have no idea
why this happens. I can speculate wildly about the
possible cause but I do not know what it is. If someone
knows - let me know and I'll fix it.

> 4) would be nice to have way to set background partially transparent
> 	pixmap with both shape yes and no.
> 	(right now i am just looking just for way to override ths shaded
> 	background of asmail -geometry 64x64 with 64x64 XPM with no
> 	transparency)

This is not particularly possible, is it? What we can
do is to allow for the background pixmap to be supplied
in a file and we handle it with Shape extensions to get
the transparency. I think this may be a good idea and
I will implement it (or at least try it out).

> AlL.
> and i almost forgot to say thanks for rewriting it.

You are welcome. Thanks for all the bugs and sorry about them.


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