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Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 10:17:49 -0500

Greg Norris wrote:
> I've been wondering that as well.  On a related note, does anyone know
> the status of the afterstep-devel branch?  I haven't noticed any
> updates in several months...
> On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 10:08:08PM -0400, Frank Gore wrote:
>>I've been seeing a lot of cvs activity in the afterstep-stable branch
>>lately. Is this being done towards a new version of Afterstep? Or is
>>it just a series of fixes for a new point release? (I'm too lazy to
>>look at the actual changes themselves and figure it out on my own)
>>I've been looking forward to a new Afterstep for months.

Ok here is the story.
AS-devel currently contains number of items that has been developed 
towards next AS release. Althou individual items work, it is still along 
way from completion.

Recently thou I've made a decision to hold on to building next AS from 
as-devel branch and backport selected pieces of what was developed for 
it into as-stable and release  AS 2.0 based on it. Primarily reason for 
it that as-devel was moving towards rather radical changes making it 
quite incompatible with anything we had before. Also some of the ideas 
implemented in as-devel - such as rendering server and widget library 
are kind-of risky, and require extensive testing/polishing, which 
requires lots of time, which I had not enough lately.

So for now plan is to backport selected pieces from as-devel into 
as-stable and release AS 2.0 based on it. Features to be backported 
include :

libAfterImage and libAfterBase -
		( see   for more )
Handling of new Window management hints -
		compatibility with Gnome/KDE and better ICCCM compliance
Miscellaneous code such as event handling, etc.

New features I had in mind includes :
1) Compatibility with GNOME /KDE and better ICCCM compliance.
2) Support for antialiased text using TrueType fonts
3) High quality image rendering regardless of display capabilities
4) High quality image scaling.
5) Alphablending and other types of blending while drawing window 
decorations and menus.
6) Better vertical titlebars
7) Shaped window decorations/menus
8) Better, more configurable and flexible WinList with ability to ddo 
shaped windows/blending and antialiasing, rectangular button layout, etc.
9) support for all the image formats implemented in libAfterImage (about 
11 of them ), including XML image scripting/metafiling language.

Changes are rather extensive and take a long time, but for now plan is 
to have some sort of beta-release by the end of the year.


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