Re: aterms not listening to -tr

Bartosz Wucke (
Wed, 09 Oct 2002 14:54:51 +0200

Phil Dibowitz wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a box where I've been using aterms (using transparency) in debian 
> with blackbox for a while, and they work perfectly.
> But I just setup another box nearly identically... and aterms won't 
> become transparent. I launch them with:
> aterm -tr -trsb -sh 55 -fg white -bg black &
> And the background is always opaque (and obviously black). The 
> scrollbars are transparent, but not the actual window. I cannot, for the 
> life of me, figure out why -tr won't work on this new box. Any help is 
> welcome.

Just a thought... Maybe the text background is set to black instead of 
transparent somehow? (just like when you launch pine in one)
Check your shell startup files...

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