Windows snapping to wharf

nate (
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 21:07:03 -0800 (PST)


off and on for about a year now I have been trying to migrate from
afterstep 1.6 to 1.8. Everytime I have had to go back. Now I am making
an extra effort to make the plunge but I have hit a snag that just
drives me crazy.

when dragging windows, it is virtually impossible to drag them over
(well, under) the wharf. windows snap to the wharf. I have looked
at the FAQ, and the configuration guide, and cannot find a single
option that may change this behavior. Afterstep 1.6 does not
behave in this way, at least with my configuration. That is, I can
happily move windows (under) the wharf, which I do very often e.g.
moving a window to another desktop and this snapping behavior just
drives me crazy :)

another thing is the window balloons on the wharf, the configuration
guide located here:

mentions some directives that were respected in afterstep 1.6(the
guide says its for 1.7/1.8) but these directives seem to be

# *WharfBalloonFore color. Sets the text color in balloon to color
# *WharfBalloonBack color. Sets the background color in balloon.

Is there any way to set these colors? perhaps edit the source
and recompile? or is this confinguration directive located elsewhere?
the default seems to be red text on green, which is really nasty
lookin for my enviornment. In afterstep 1.6 I have this set to
black text on Grey70 background.

I am trying to switch to 1.8 for really 1 reason. that is, under 1.6
recently(past year or so, perhaps due to other reasons such as X4
vs X3 or something) sometimes window placement gets really hosed,
dialog boxes pop under instead of up, making me have to window shade
a bunch of programs or move them out of the way(its not unusal for me
to have 3-4 layers of windows on top of each other). I am not certain
if 1.8 will fix this because thus far I haven't been able to stand
using it for extended periods because of the wharf snapping.

running afterstep 1.8.11 on debian woody(3.0)

afterstep 1.6 is the most solid WM i've ever used, with 30 virtual
desktops and more then 45 apps running at once I can easily go
a month before having to restart X(due to memory leaks). it's never,
ever ever crashed.

I do have a mostly afterstep 1.6 enviornment in ~/GNUStep/Library/AfterStep
because for some reason afterstep refuses to load without it, even
after purging the package & reinstalling, afterstep just hangs while
processing the default config files, not sure if its specific to my machine
or not



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