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Bartosz Wucke (
Sat, 11 Jan 2003 03:22:49 +0100

Claudio wrote:
> Hi, i have this problem:
> I deleted the file  group in/etc and now the user can't
>  enter in Afterstep: startx ---> command not found

You screwed up baaaad! That file is one of the essentials for whole Linux (or 
any Unix clone you may be using) working correctly. Get a copy from a friend 
for "template" and edit it by hand basing on the file /etc/passwd with this syntax:

'group' file syntax:

groupname:pass:GID:(optional additional members, comma separated)

'passwd' file syntax:


Every user in "passwd" file has to have a GID that exists in 'group' - match 
existing "virtual" users (demons, system groups etc)  to existing groups 
(usually same or similar names) and create a group like 'users' with unique GID 
to which you can set all common ("human") user GIDs in passwd. Use high GID 
(>100, preferably >500) so you won't get in conflict with any daemon that could 
create its own GID.

> But the problem very very important is that when i connect in internet i 
> just do it only from root and i can surf only from lynx: Mozilla in 
> AfterStep doesn't work: why?
> I use Debian Sarge.
> Bye and thank you
> Claudio
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