Wharf Problems

DanH (danielg@ankylosaur.com)
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 16:33:36 -0500

I read the archive for this list and have been all over Google Groups to
see if this has been beaten to death yet, but I have not seen much on it.

I got a new applett to put into my wharf, Temperature.app, and it comes
up fine as a stand alone app.  It goes into the wharf as well, but when
it is in the wharf, it's a negative box, just a black box with nothing
inside it.  If I watch carefully, the temp (green letters and numbers)
shows for the briefest of seconds then it seems to be overlaid by a
black box.

   *Wharf Temperature.app  - MaxSwallow "Temperature.app"
Temperature.app -s KDFW &
   *Wharf asapm  - MaxSwallow "asapm" asapm &

The apm one I put there is for reference and it works fine.  The
Temerature.app does not.

I've tried full path names, moving the binary to lower case, moving it
to without the .app extension and a handful of other things, but it
still shows up blank.

Any help?

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