Re: Wharf Problems

Sun, 12 Jan 2003 22:52:12 +0100

DanH wrote:
> I read the archive for this list and have been all over Google Groups to
> see if this has been beaten to death yet, but I have not seen much on it.
> I got a new applett to put into my wharf,, and it comes
> up fine as a stand alone app.  It goes into the wharf as well, but when
> it is in the wharf, it's a negative box, just a black box with nothing
> inside it.  If I watch carefully, the temp (green letters and numbers)
> shows for the briefest of seconds then it seems to be overlaid by a
> black box.
>    *Wharf  - MaxSwallow ""
> -s KDFW &
>    *Wharf asapm  - MaxSwallow "asapm" asapm &
> The apm one I put there is for reference and it works fine.  The
> does not.
> I've tried full path names, moving the binary to lower case, moving it
> to without the .app extension and a handful of other things, but it
> still shows up blank.
> Any help? is another nice applet of Per Lidén.

I have had the same problem with, and you can find the 
solution in the following messages :

It seems that the applets are not displaying what they should in the 
right windows. I've the plan to send Per explanations of what is going 
wrong for a long time now, but haven't taken the time to do it yet :-(
Maybe could you ? ;-)


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