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Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:07:25 +0100

Le 2003-01-24 18:24 (vendredi), Mark Thorp Duxbury a écrit / 
On 2003-01-24 18:24 (vendredi), Mark Thorp Duxbury wrote :
> I was not able to get the 1.8.10-1 RPM to work with RH 8.0 (either building 
> from the SRPM or using the binary) - lots of X errors at startup.   What I 
> wound up having to do was to build an RPM from AfterStep-1.8.11.tar.bz2 
> ( - it includes a spec file so it's it's 
> easy... but I could email you the RPM if you like).  I also experienced some 
> odd problems with wharf animation using the stock RH 8.0 kernel (I think this 
> is related to RH changing HZ, I have to use a different kernel anyway so it 
> isn't a big deal for me).  Afterstep is working fine under stock RH 8.0 here 
> right now.  Hope this helps.

All those problems with RedHat not supporting AfterStep anymore are
really bad for potentially bringing new users to AfterStep, and thus for
the very future of this great window manager.

To not loose those potential users, it is very important to ease the use
of AfterStep on RedHat.

So why not put the AfterStep-1.8.11 RPM build by Mark (or anyone else)
on the web site ? Adding installation notes specific to RedHat 8.0 along
would also be a good thing.

I'm not a RedHat user, I prefer Debian, but sometimes I have to work on
RedHat installed machines and I'm glad to have AfterStep packages in
those occasions ;-)


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