*Re: aterm "history"

Ales Ledvinka (xledvink@informatics.muni.cz)
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 22:44:52 +0100

this thread is purely insane :)))

i'm surprised what my laziness brought up. i wrote first
strightly visible impossible number i was able to think of...
(after i realized i am lazy to check if the first was in limits)

and some of you took it seriously as feature request :)))
quit coding have a month off!

but anyway would not it be neat to have year+ uptime with such aterm
history of syslog/klog/... messages?

if it stays mostly swapped out (possible problem - platform dependent?)
even on focus in/out (i can't live without focus following mouse) and
autorise too

looks like "inf" in meaning autogrow has just 2 possible uses...
system monitoring
and mud monitoring

is it realy worth the pain which it might rise?
+ you said TF already does it (or similar) and TT++ probably too... that
leaves just system monitoring...


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