Re: *Re: aterm "history"

Bartosz Wucke (
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 23:33:45 +0100

Ales Ledvinka wrote:
> this thread is purely insane :)))
> is it realy worth the pain which it might rise?
> + you said TF already does it (or similar) and TT++ probably too... that
> leaves just system monitoring...

Not really. Sometimes I get something I'd like to see, but have it scrolled 
away just because I "spilled" some very verbose output - cat'ed some huge 
textfile, did tar -xvzf on new Mozilla sources, felt too lazy to type 
--max-depth=1 on 'du', forgot about ping running for a hour, compiled the 
kernel or some bigger binary... 32k lines appears to be way too few on many 
occasions. Sure 'inf' may not be the best idea (code problems, need bignum 
variables, risk of crashing low-end systems with limited swap space). But 
something bigger than 32k would be really useful.

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