Looking forward...

Fabien Perdu (fabien.perdu@m4x.org)
Wed, 2 Apr 2003 11:21:28 +0200

I'm looking forward for a new release of afterstep.
This a pretty cool WM in my mind, and using it avoids
the need for GNOME or KDE.
Two years ago, I installed it on a dizain of Linux PCs
in my office, and everybody appreciate its simplicity,
robustness, and configurability. We use 1.8.11, we cannot
afford trying hasardous CVS versions
First of all these criteria comes the robustness : we
often launch several long simulations on several PCs, and
we do not want them stopped by a crash of the WM...

But there are still two little problems which make us
look forward a new release.
The first one has been dicussed above, it is the bug in
the restart function.
The second one is the reason why we have to use the
restart function. It is a bug that occurs at certain dates,
on all the PCs at the same time. It is not very harmful,
as it does not crash the WM nor the apps running, but still
enough to have to restart the session.
Typically it occurs once a month or so. I didn't keep a track
of the dates, but if you need it I can from now on.
The symptoms are as follow : windows never become active.
We use SloppyFocus, some of us use Autoraise, others no.
When the bug occurs, passing the cursors over a window does not
highlight its decorations (the window is not "active"). Neither
does clicking on the title bar (function "Move-or-Top"). But I
have bound C-Up to the function "Raise" and this works.
Th window over which is the cursor is not active, but it has got
the focus. If it is an aterm or an emacs, for example; you can
type in it. But the text cursors shows as if the pointer was outside.
On some windows (mozilla for example), it is even more disturbing :
you cannot type in the "url" text entry, nor select text, and the
text cursor becomes invisible.
Sometimes this bug comes with a mess in the pager, and difficulties
to restart it right, but not always. However, it is nearly never
necessary to close the session completely (which kills everything
as the session is launched in .xinitrc)

It would be a great deal if these two points were solved in version
2.0, and be assured that your best advantages over other WMs are your
robustness and a good pager (still improvable yet...)
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