Re: Looking forward...

Fabien Perdu (
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 10:35:57 +0200

> The reason I'm doing this is that first reaction of ppl downloading new 
> as and running it with what was supplied before would be "ahh that's 
> same old crap". I've seen this happening, and even reviews published in 
> different places never go to install themes - they only check for whats 
> supplied by default. This is why I would like to suppli a well built 
> comprehensive set of themes which could demonstrate all the power of 
> AfterStep.

That's a very realistic point of vue !
Even if I long for the release, I can't blame you on that point.
I'd really like people to appreciate AfterStep to its real value,
and some sort of prostitution is necessary for that...
Well, even for convinced users, it's also quite pleasant to have
various new themes to try a mouse click away... as long as it does
not become a hungry fat distribution !
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