Bartosz Wucke (
Mon, 07 Apr 2003 11:37:45 +0200

If we're by new AS themes...	

I think adding the "scrolling" feel would be cool. Just set

EdgeScroll 5 5
EdgeResistance 0 0

in the feel file. Result - similar to setting 'virtual' in XF86Config, just 
without its size limits.
This plus one huge desktop (My: 7x7 workspaces of 1600x1200, though I almost 
never use this resolution) in 'database' plus "pager" in a wharf folder gives 
me all the workspace I'd ever need :)

This setting is the main reason why I use Afterstep - I don't know any other WM 
that would support that. (but of course there are many other reasons why I use 
AS too :) Nowadays I feel really claustrophobic if I'm forced to use some else 
WM or (ouch!) M$ Windows.

BTW, would it be very hard to make this scrolling more smooth?

								B. Wucke

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