Desktop size and winlist crawling

Skip Morrow (
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 23:17:44 -0400

Two questions (AfterStep version
1)  How can I make AfterStep be a little more aggressive on its handing of the workspace of the desktop?  If I have an application that wholly fits in my active "workspace" on the desktop, and maximize it, the application does not go over (or under) the winlist or the wharf.  This is a good thing.  However, sometimes new windows and applications will appear with parts of the window under the wharf or winlist, which I don't like.  I would like AfterStep to try harder to not allow this to happen.  If it matters, I have my wharf and a few gnome panels along the bottom of my desktop, and the winlist is right above them.  The rest of my desktop is what I call the workspace.

2)  Whenever I close my last application, the winlist disappears.  But when I open the next application, the winlist appears a few pixels northwest of where is was before.  Each time I do this, it moves a few more pixels.  Eventually, I have to restart the winlist.  Any way I can fix this?

Skip Morrow, on 04/08/2003

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