Re: AfterStep Supported by a Couple of Distros

Wayne E. Harlan (
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 06:37:07 -0700 (PDT)

On 10 Apr, Geoff Burling spoke thusly:
> I've had access to some idle computers at work this week, so I've
> been installing various distributions of Linux on them, & am happy
> to report there are two overlooked distributions that include AS.
> (So fooey on Red Hat for droping AS!)

Yes, fooey on RH

> 1. Actually, this is a no-brainer, but Linux from Scratch works
> quite nicely with 1.8.11. Once you compile, install, & configure
> the latest release of XFree86 successfully, you can do the same with
> AS. (Just select another terminal program like xterm -- or aterm --
> for handle the help pages. You can do this with the command
> ``./configure --with-helpcommand=aterm -e man".)

Well,  I am pleasantly surprised that another LFS fan likes AS. I've
nearly finished my own LFS/BLFS system and have already replaced my old
RedHat 6.2 as my 'production' system.  My last big job is to get
OpenOffice installed.

There is one bug in 1.8.11 that forced me to backtrack to 1.8.10,
however.  That is the audio module somehow plays the exit sound instead
of the startup sound when it starts.  I use sounds quite a lot and that
kinda turned me off.  But I am awaiting the new version and hope this
bug goes away.

> I guess AfterStep needs more PR devoted to it so that everyone can
> enjoy its strengths.



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Every major flaw has a minor plan.
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