Re: test driving AS 1.99

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 09:55:10 -0500

Geoff Burling wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Sean Dague wrote:
>>Just pulled AS CVS, and am testing driving it arround a bit.  I noticed
>>quite a number of the ugly green and orange artifacts on my WinList and
>>Wharf.  Is there any set of standard docs about configuration changes for
>>the modules going from 1.8.11 -> 1.99?
> I was surprised to see the same thing when I built AS today. Not only that,
> but starting Pager would give me all sorts of error messages & would blow
> up until I removed the configuration file in ~/G/L/A. (After that I still
> got a number of error messages, but Pager worked.)

Please, pretty please, Could I have a log of error messages and copy of 
your config files ???

To spool all the errors into the log  - you can start afterstep like so :
afterstep -l ~/as-errors.log

( thats 'l' as in 'l'og )

> This happened on an install of Linux from Scratch, with the 2.4.19 kernel,
> Xfree86 4.2.0, freetype 2.1.3, jpeg-6b, libpng-1.2.5 on a Dell PE6600 with
> 4 processors & a Rage XL video card. I compiled & installed AS 2.0 beta over
> a build of AS 1.8.11 that ran quite happily in this environment. I used
> the CVS files which I downloaded last night.

Like I said - its not god telling me it does not work - I need exact 
messages as well as config files. Another helpful thing would be to 
compile afterstep with --enable-gdb configure flag. In this mode, 
afterstep will spit out megabytes of traces, that are extremely helpfull 
in fixing errors. Obviously you always want to start aftertsep with -l 
option in this mode, as filling up console with messages is not helpfull 
at all.

Please, please I really do need a feedback from anyone testing it. 
Anything at all, but concrete enough for me to work with.
Problem is that any configurations I tried - works just fine, so simply 
saying that "I have errors" does not tell me anything - I need to know 
your environment details, as well as what errors exactly you getting.

>>If not I'll just poke at the /usr/local/share/afterstep files over the next
>>few days.
> Not to bad mouth all of the hard work Sasha put into this version of AfterStep,
> but I suspect that someone will have to write a HOWTO for migrating from
> 1.8.x to 2.0. If no one else, I'll do it.

I would appreciate it very much, but it would be more of an explanation 
on how to take advantage of new features, since only minor parts of old 
configs needs to be changed to work with new AS.

> BTW, should recompiling aterm, ascpu & astime be part of the steps in
> migrating? I'm seeing a number of errors reported from these applets under
> 2.0.

Again, what errors ???

>>I like what I see so far.  Will continue to test out and look for any
>>Thanks again for the great software Sasha.
> Ditto.
> Geoff


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