large emails

Frank Gore (
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 17:22:50 -0400

I'm not typically one to complain about such things, but today was unusually 
excessive. I'd appreciate if other list members could keep in mind that not 
everyone has a xDSL or cable Internet connection. Downloading a bunch of 400K 
emails over my dial-up connection is agonizingly slow and frustrating. It 
also prevents me from getting to other emails until all the big ones have 
been downloaded (since this is a pop account). Please be considerate and keep 
your mailing list posts to 100K or less :)

For those who are unaware, the proper way to share images on a mailing list is 
to upload the image to one of the countless free image hosting services, and 
then send the link to the mailing list.

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