Re: Screensavers

Ales Ledvinka (
Tue, 6 May 2003 11:46:47 +0200 (CEST)

> For some reason the screensavers, with or without password, are not
> available from the start menu.
> Does anybody have a cure? or a pointer?

run command and see what it outputs:
$ afterstep -c
ShareDir	  /somewhere/
like "ShareDir /packages/share/afterstep-1.8.11//share/afterstep"

then run something similar to this and see what happens:
$ cat /somewhere/start/Screen\ savers/With\ password/0_firework
Exec "Firework" exec xlock -mode pyro &
and look for executed program... xlock in this case or if it looks
different use this as hint.
xlock should be in directory listed in environment variable PATH before
afterstep is executed and it should work then.
(work if xlock has all libraries it needs; if bash user: "ldd `which xlock`",
and is executable "ls -l `slocate xlock` etc.)

exception: you might have definition of what is this directory all about
in .include file:
$ cat /somewhere/start/Screen\ savers/With\ password/.include
with line like
Command ...
removing .include file might help too in such case (or not ;)


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