Re: packaging libAfterBase and libAfterImage

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 21 May 2003 17:02:12 -0500

Graydon wrote:
> The makefiles for libAfterBase and libAfterImage don't support DESTDIR
> (as in, make $DESTDIR install ) so they more or less can't be packaged,
> there being no way to redirect the install off into an empty directory.
> Is there a known workaround for this?

Currently you can specify what directory to install to , by using 
switches to ./configure.
I'm not really aware of how packaging is done nowdays, being preocupied 
with writing the code in the first place, but I'm open to suggestions, 
and even more open to patches.

> Anything that won't go into an RPM these days is more or less useless
> for getting new users and interest in the project and all that good
> stuff, so I think this is a serious problem.
> The obvious solution is conversion to automake, which I'm reluctant to

I don't think that any kind of conversion is needed. I could imagine 
that rather minor changes will be required to accomplish what you want.
afaik, all automake does is that it generates s for you 
instead of you doing that manually. But since those were created already 
and include somewhat custom code, I do not really want to trash them 
altogether, and rather fix them.

> undertake (since I don't know automake at all) and which I'm reluctant
> to consider trying anyway without asking people if there's a reason not
> to do so.

Actually I have a question here. What is your interest? Are you looking 
into creating some packages? or just wandering ?



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