Re: AfetrStep feature request :)

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 09:03:17 -0500

Alexei V. Mezin wrote:
> I compile AfetrStep with --enable-gdb.
> There was compilation error with ascp. See configure.log and error 
> messages in attach. It does not depend on compiler version 
> (2.95/2.96/3.2.1).

What OS are you using? You get a very peculiar errors, and as I remember 
I may need to use different standard library under some circumstances.
I'll look at it closely.

> Pager crashes after several clicks on it. See as_log in attach.   

I do not see Pager crashes in the log. Instead I see several problems 
with transparency handling within the Pager, and Afterstep itself 
crashing while loading images. It appears that AS crashed 22 seconds 
into operation.
I did fix several places identified by your backtraces. Could you please 
try again and see what problems are still there ?

> When window is minimized there is no mini-icon on desktop. So If I stop 
> winlist module, I canyt see and handle minimized widows :(

That should not be happening. Try increasing the size of your icon box.

Also it would be helpfull if you could e-mail me your entire config.

> Winidow moving is too slow. :(

This is something that I have a major trouble to understand. See, window 
moving works perfectly for me, and at least 50% of other ppl I've talked 
to. Yet there is another 50% who are dissatisfied. Could you please 
describe your experience in more details ?

Bear in mind that AS now does edge snapping, which causes window to get 
snapped to other windows, titlebars, edge of the screen and its old 
position. That may produce jerky-movement effect by its very nature.
Try disabling it by pressing and holding either Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift prior 
to moving the window.


Thanks for your reports, thse were quite helpfull in fixing several bugs.


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