more issues with afterstep-cvs-latest

CaT (
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 01:55:39 +1000

make distclean doesn't return the directory to pristine condition. Here
are a number of files that I found are left over:

Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: asetroot
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: audio
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: autoexec
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: base
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: compatibility
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: pager
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep/start: .include
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep/start/Desktop/Color_Scheme: .include
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep/start/Desktop/Feel: .include
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep/start/Desktop/Look: .include
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep/start/Desktop/Pictures: .include
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep/start/Desktop/Theme: .include
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: wharf
Only in afterstep-stable/afterstep: zharf
Only in afterstep-stable/autoconf: Makefile.common
Only in afterstep-stable/autoconf: Makefile.common.lib
Only in afterstep-stable/autoconf: Makefile.defines
Only in afterstep-stable/doc: afterstepdoc
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterBase: config.h
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterBase: config.log
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterBase: config.status
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterConf: stW1xTLl
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterImage: afterbase.h
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterImage: afterimage-libs
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterImage/apps: config.h
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterImage: config.h
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterImage: config.log
Only in afterstep-stable/libAfterImage: config.status
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Animate: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Audio: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Banner: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Cascade: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Clean: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Form: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Gnome: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Ident: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Save: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Script: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Script/Widgets: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Scroll: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Sound: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Tile: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/WinList: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/Zharf: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/asetroot: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/src/test: Makefile
Only in afterstep-stable/tools:
Only in afterstep-stable/tools:

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