Window Moving Sow

Sasha Vasko (
Sat, 28 Jun 2003 02:09:02 -0500

> >> Winidow moving is too slow. :(
> It is still here :(
> > This is something that I have a major trouble to understand. See, window
> > moving works perfectly for me, and at least 50% of other ppl I've talked
> > to. Yet there is another 50% who are dissatisfied. Could you please
> > describe your experience in more details ?
> Nvidia vs ATI? :)
> How window moving looks in AfetrStep 1.8.11: I drag a window around my
> screen. Window following mouse smoothly, without jumps and blinking. CPU
> load is minimal
> How it looks like in CVS version: window follows mouse in jumping
> manner, sometimes it stuck for a second and jump over whole screen to
> catch mouse cursor. CPU load is high

Yay, that so called slowness should now be fixed :)
Likewise slow menu selection should now be fast as well.

Please don't let me hear that it is not  - I'm running out of options :)

> And 2 small bugs:
> I start afterstep from terminal in pure X. After AS loading, winlist bar
> covers caption of initial terminal. So I cant move or minimize it until
> I use Windows/Move option of system menu and move that window. This bug
> was in older versions of AS too.

I'm working on it

> When I move cursor over winlist bar the hint with window name (?)
> appears. It looks very strange.

I've fixed balloon code to withdraw baloon when pointer leaves the window.

BTW for all who cares, there are some screenshots curtesy KaRoe :

let me know what you think about colorschemes.

Heh, going to bed now.
Cheers Sasha.

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