Pager in AS-1.8.11

Ushnish Basu (
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 23:20:56 -0700


I recently started using AS-1.8.11 after having used 1.8.0 for a long
time, and I noticed a problem with the window-stacking order in the
1.8.11 Pager which was not there in 1.8.0.

The problems is as follows:

Say I have 2 pages in one desk, and two or more overlapping windows in
each. In a particular page, when I raise one window above others, this
change is reflected in the Pager. However, when I switch to another
page, the Pager does not remember this change, but instead shows the
overlaps (in the first page) in the order in which the windows were created.

I hope I have been able to to state the problem clearly.

Is this a feature or a bug? ;-)

I am running the AS-1.8.11 rpm that came with SuSE8.2, the latest one.

I would be glad to send any more information/explanation if required.


Ushnish Basu          
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