RE: AS and Solaris 8
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 10:32:57 -0700

I have many questions and I hope they aren't lame... If so, just disregard

1. To use any of the AS modules, do they have to be compiled for the
particular OS that you are running AS on? (I didn't know if they were simply
2. How come all of the themes I try don't work?  Is it because they were
designed around Linux and I'm using Solaris?
3. Is there any easier way to modify these files?  Like a GUI?
   Btw - Before someone says if you are looking for a GUI, I should move to
Gnome or such... I'm just asking.  I have no problem doing the files.
4. Is there better docs someplace on all the options available for the
config files?
5. I logon as root to do everything (don't ask, it's a requirement here at
work... I know it's bad to do it), does this cause any problems with AS or
it's modules?
6. How come when I kick up one of the Sun native X-Windows apps that
normally run under the Sun CDE GUI it takes forever to run?
7. Am I the only person in the world running AS on Solaris?
8. What's the thing across the top called with the virtual desktops in it
and where do I modify it at? I want to change my virtual desktop number and
9. How do I stop the virtual desktops from changing every time I get near
the edge?
10. What is the thing down along the right side bottom... Is this the Warf?
11.  Is AS available for Windows?  I would love to have the same Interface
and GUI on both my UNIX and Windows box.  I have Litestep, but it doesn't
work exactly like this.  Maybe I should ask if Litestep is available for

I will stop for now and sorry about all the questions.  I love some of the
themes I see with AS and would love to eventually end up with my own custom
theme.  I'm kind of a simple type guy and hope to have a simple theme when
all done and maybe build from there.  Not only that, I like the idea of
making all the customizations and being able to backup the single GNUstep
directory that I can dump back on if I ever rebuild.

Thanks for the help!

Dean S.
Arizona Department of Transportation
Information Technology Group
Network Architecture Team

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Hey, Dean.

I'd be willing to bet it's some pecularity in your shell somehow... can you
post a listing of all the environment vars?


On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 07:55:01AM -0700, wrote:
> Hello all, I'm not sure how busy the mailing list is, but I'm trying 
> to configure Solaris 8 to work with AS.  I'm running into several 
> problems... I've read the included docs and was able to make some 
> changes to what we need, but one of the biggest issues I now have is 
> my Korn shell.  The prompt no longer displays my path and I have PS1 
> set in /etc/profile to display the path... so I don't know why this 
> only happens when I login using AS... it works fine in CDE, Gnome or 
> KDE.
> Anyone on this list using AS with Solaris?
> Thanks
> --
> Dean S.
> Arizona Department of Transportation
> Information Technology Group
> Network Architecture Team
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