RE: AS and Solaris 8

Ryan Healey (
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 10:54:53 -0700 (PDT)

--- wrote:
> 9. How do I stop the virtual desktops from changing every time I get
> near the edge?

Put EdgeScroll 0 0 in the feel file you use (replace any edge scroll
already in it with this).

> 10. What is the thing down along the right side bottom... Is this the
> Warf?


> 11.  Is AS available for Windows?  I would love to have the same
> Interface and GUI on both my UNIX and Windows box.  I have Litestep,
> but it doesn't work exactly like this.  Maybe I should ask if
> is available for UNIX?

If you get an X server for windows you can run it but probably not
completey (or at least the FAQ says you might be able to).

As for whether LiteStep is avilable for UNIX I'd say probably not but
you should check their site just to be sure.

> Not only that, I like the idea of making all the customizations and
> being able to backup the single GNUstep directory that I can dump
> on if I ever rebuild.

Yes that can help in the unlikely event a UNIX has to be re-installed
as well as when you want the same environment on many computers.

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