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Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:07:27 -0500 wrote:

> I have many questions and I hope they aren't lame... If so, just disregard
> them:
> 1. To use any of the AS modules, do they have to be compiled for the
> particular OS that you are running AS on? (I didn't know if they were simply
> scripts)

nope, they are not just scripts and have to be compiled.

> 2. How come all of the themes I try don't work?  Is it because they were
> designed around Linux and I'm using Solaris?

It could be that the theme installation script does not work on your 
machine. Try running by hand and see what errors it 
gives you. ( Note you need perl to use it ).
If it does not work - you can always install theme by hand. Theme is 
usually a look file - you can copy it into ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterSTep/looks
and several image files that go into
and  background image that should go into :

After you copy all those files - reload your menu, You should see this 
new look  in Desktop/Looks and background in Desktop/Pictures
Just select them from the menu - that should do the trick.

I'm working on better theme support in AS 2.0 - sorry for inconvinience.

> 3. Is there any easier way to modify these files?  Like a GUI?
>    Btw - Before someone says if you are looking for a GUI, I should move to
> Gnome or such... I'm just asking.  I have no problem doing the files.

Not yet :(.

> 4. Is there better docs someplace on all the options available for the
> config files?

man pages are quite complete and detailed.

man afterstep

> 5. I logon as root to do everything (don't ask, it's a requirement here at
> work... I know it's bad to do it), does this cause any problems with AS or
> it's modules?


> 6. How come when I kick up one of the Sun native X-Windows apps that
> normally run under the Sun CDE GUI it takes forever to run?

can't really answer this one. Perhaps they al lneed some wierd inter 
process communication thing running in background - sort of like what 
KDE does ( hate it ).

> 7. Am I the only person in the world running AS on Solaris?

No, I've seen quite a few posting here that do just so.

> 8. What's the thing across the top called with the virtual desktops in it
> and where do I modify it at? I want to change my virtual desktop number and
> layout.

This is the module called Pager. YOu may want to read the AfterStep FAQ :

> 9. How do I stop the virtual desktops from changing every time I get near
> the edge?

EdgeResistance setting in your feel file - see man page for explanation

> 10. What is the thing down along the right side bottom... Is this the Warf?

Yes it is.

> 11.  Is AS available for Windows?  I would love to have the same Interface
> and GUI on both my UNIX and Windows box.  I have Litestep, but it doesn't
> work exactly like this.  Maybe I should ask if Litestep is available for

Litestep is not available for UNIX, and AfterSTep does not work as shell 
replacement in Windows. You could thou install CYGWIN environment, which 
includes XFree86 X window server. AfterStep compiles and runs under 
CYGWIN just fine. The drawback here is that all your native windows apps 
will not be part of X environment, so you'll get part of the desktop 
with one interface and another part with different.

What I personally do is - I use PowerPro toolbar app ( freeware ). I 
like it better then litestep and it allows me to emulate loook of the AS 
as close as possible under Windows.

> I will stop for now and sorry about all the questions.  I love some of the
> themes I see with AS and would love to eventually end up with my own custom
> theme.  I'm kind of a simple type guy and hope to have a simple theme when
> all done and maybe build from there.  Not only that, I like the idea of
> making all the customizations and being able to backup the single GNUstep
> directory that I can dump back on if I ever rebuild.

> Thanks for the help!

You are welcome.

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