Re: segfault

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:12:17 -0500

Graydon wrote:
> This one was during a bunch of bookmark editing using konqueror; lots of
> overlapping windows, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with the
> problem.
>  Stack Backtrace :
>    0xBFFFEEE8  0xBFFFEF48  0xBFFFEEB0  [some silly code]
>    0xBFFFEF48  0xBFFFEF78  0x0806AB33  [/usr/bin/X11/afterstep [0x806ab33]]
>    0xBFFFEF78  0xBFFFF098  0x0806ACD6  [place_aswindow+0xC6(198)]
>    0xBFFFF098  0xBFFFF0B8  0x08053B38  [AddWindow+0x258(600)]
>    0xBFFFF0B8  0xBFFFF168  0x0805EE7E  [HandleMapRequest+0x1E(30)]
>    0xBFFFF168  0xBFFFF198  0x0805DD05  [HandleEvents+0x55(85)]
>    0xBFFFF198  0xBFFFF1B8  0x08054576  [main+0x246(582)]
>    0xBFFFF1B8  0x00000000  0x420156A4[program entry point]

Yes it did. Thanks alot for providing this. Problem should be fixed now.
This is the same problem as in your previous message - AfterSTep crashes 
when window being placed has been withdrawn by application before it is 
actually placed.


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