Bartosz Wucke (
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 20:54:21 +0200

I've installed Afterstep  1.99.0 (finally!) from sources compiled from CVS on 
Debian 'woody' with kernel 2.4.18 and XFree86 Version
It compiled and installed OK but I got that problems:

1) Can't get Wharf Folders to work. At all.

What I do:

*Wharf Pagers AfterStep3.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folder
*Wharf Pager - MaxSwallowModule "Pager" Pager 0 0
*Wharf ~Folder

I tried that piece from man Examples too. Nothing works. I get error :

Wharf warning: None of Applications assigned to the button "Pagers" cannot be 
found in the PATH. Button will be disabled

but when I put the Pager line outside the Folder section, it works. It worked 
with my old (1.8 or something) Afterstep too. (with Folders...~Folders instead)

(a bug to category 'tiny' about the message: Don't use no double negatives ;)

2) Wharf won't swallow ascpu.
I was using:

*Wharf asload - MaxSwallow "asload" asload -exe 'xterm -e top'

It works OK with the old asload binary. When I replace "asload" with "ascpu" 
though, ascpu remains in upper left corner of the screen and wharf stays with 
empty entry. Putting -withdrawn or replacing MaxSwallow with alternatives 
doesn't help.

3) Mozilla (1.4) places its requesters at very random positions. Often way out 
of reach - like with only a small, hard to catch piece of the window sticking 
from beyond the desktop edge.

I use SmartPlacement. NoPPosition doesn't have any influence on that.

4) Things crash at random (I find my desktop without winlist or wharf from time 
to time) - tell me how to diagnose this and I could try to provide you with 
some more info.

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