AvoidCover in wharf and winlist

Bartosz Wucke (sharp@solutions.net.pl)
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 03:06:39 +0200

I found out the problem with Wharf, Winlist and some other apps is not that 
they die, but that they are just moved away from viewport (and since the two 
are sticky and WindowListSkip, they become completely unaccessible.)
The problem is result of "AvoidCover"-like behaviour - no other app can be put 
on top of them and if it happens any gets there, i.e. due to viewport 
scrolling, sometimes windows get "rearranged" like my window travels to some 
empty space, sometimes a few viewports away or Wharf moves outside the visible 

Unfortunately I removed the "AvoidCover" and some more undesired entries from 
the 'database' file, but the problem remains - Wharf seems to ignore the file, 
remaining with all the unwanted behaviours. WinList too, ignores 'database' and 
*WinListMaxSize and *WinListMinSize in my 'winlist' file and grows to fill the 
screen width... and once it meets wharf on the opposite side, ugly things start 
happening (usually one or both leave the viewport)

Am I doing something wrong?

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