Re: 1.99.0 bugs & feture req.

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 12:28:02 -0500

Ales Ledvinka wrote:

> hello list.
> 1.99.0 cvs afterstep-stable 03-07-30 11:55:40
> (fltk-1.1.4rc2 with fltk-config --ldflags: 
> -L/packages/run/fltk-1.1.4rc2/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib 
> -lfltk -lXft -lpthread -lm -lXext -lX11 -lsupc++
> rest is rh 9.0 or afterstep-stable cvs included)
> (bzipped and rm -rf homedir)
> 1) menu
> 	placed partially off screen:
> 	bottom right corner
> 	i expect same behaviour as seen in 1.8.x not to place it off screen
> 	(if larger then scroll or ...)

Thanks for bringing it to my attention - it was working, but not always :)
Fixed in cvs.

> 2) pager
> 	a) slow redrawing. choosing desktops or views rapidly for few 
> 	   seconds makes the pager redraw for several minutes. seems to 
> 	   keep event que and does not miss single click, cpu is idle &
> 	   pager sloooow.

yeah, I need to debug this one.

> 3) winlist (afterstep ( or default config?))
> 	was able to move winlist several pixels(aprox 20) down while 
> 	click selecting window and some other closing and some opening
> 	unable to reproduce

interesting, althou I can't really make anything out of it. If you will 
manage to reproduce it - let me know

> 4) ascp
> 	opens window with single menuitem and it's submenu and some 
> 	buttons on the right side of window. clicking anything does 
> 	nothing.
> 	any idea if it is because of fltk or is it expected? 

ascp as it is right now, is merely a prototype - I tryed to build 
something using GUI tool supplied with FLTK, to see how viable it is.
I liked what I got out of it, so now some real code needs to be put in.

There is one tool in src/ascp  - ascolor
Its a simple GUI to visually generate colorschemes, and it works.

> 5) not bug not feature - just question: i see very little modules 
> compiled. is this expected to happen or something realy unusual?

All the modules that do not compile needs to be converted to use new 
code in libAfterStep/libAfterConf/libAfterImage. In rush to release beta 
version, I've only done three most crucial ones. I'll do the rest as 
time allows ( or if patches comes in :).

> AlL.
> PS: realy nice look and great changes i see. i realy look forward to 2.0
> thanks

Code freeze for 2.0 beta 1 is August 1st ( this year :)
2.0 beta 1 release date is August 10th.

My feeling is that its solid enough so that ppl can go ahead and try it out.

BTW if anyone with designer background/artistic nature has any 
suggestions in regards to default colorschemes supplied with AS  - I'll 
be glad to hear expert opinions.

Thanks for all the bug reports :)


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