Re: New AfterStep version 2.00.beta1 released

Greg Norris (
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 20:51:01 -0500

I've noticed a couple of issues, after building on my Debian sid box...

1) AS doesn't seem to get along very well with gnome.
  * The panel initially appears along the middle of the screen, and
    must then be dragged to the normal location.
  * The gnome Workspace Switcher and Window List applets don't display
    anything when running under AS.

2) Wharf animations are slooooooooow.  For example, I added a folder
with 2 entries to my wharf, and it takes about 5 seconds to open fully
after being clicked... the delay is very noticeable even after
commenting out the wharf-animation entries.  This is on a fairly stout
system, which is under negligible load.

3) While I can run ascp, none of the buttons or menu entries do
anything.  No error messages appear when launched from a console
window... nothing.

At this point, I'd be perfectly willing to accept that things are
simply screwed up at my end.  If you've got any suggestions, I'd LOVE
to hear them.
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