Afterstep-2.00-Beta1 test results

Anwar Puthu (
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 22:37:17 +0100

First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for the effort they have put in.  I took me a couple of days to get AS-2 to look the way I like it (simple!).  I still haven't been able to get it to look like my old AS-1.8.

I've noticed a few things as I use it.

1. I used to use non anti-aliased fonts (as AS did not support it!).  I still like non anti-aliased fonts for my title bars, and menus etc.  Is there anyway I can turn of the anti-aliasing.  I tried using the old -adobe-helvetica-medium... font spec, but the fonts look vry different to what I can see using xfontsel or using AS-1.8.  I added the appropriate paths to the Font path in afterstep/base.

2.  Every time I update the look/feel and use the Desktop->Update All menu action, the Pager grows by a few pixels.  I use a 4 row x 1 column pager on the bottom right of my screen.  Each desktop is 2x2 screens. The pager seems to grow taller, but not fatter!

3.  Trying to use Quit->Restart this Session (with afterstep) menu will kill all my windows and exit afterstep.  The X Server does NOT crash.  I liked the old behaviour as it allowed me clean up if AS became a bit unstable (not following my sloppy pointer focus) after several days.

I'll keep you informed about other things I might see as I continue usin it.

Thanks a lot!


Anwar Puthu.
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